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Amanda Uhle, Executive Director, McSweeney's

"Jon is a dream publicist: organized, prompt, and thorough. His diligence in publicizing Leland de la Durantaye's novel was a key part of the book's sales and its prominent place in the minds of readers and booksellers. We can't wait to work with him again on another project soon."

Aviya Kushner, author of Wolf Lamb Bomb (2021)


"Jon was a fantastic and deeply creative publicist for my debut poetry collection. I was amazed by his ideas, grace, and energy, and I believe any writer would be lucky to work with him. 


First and foremost, Jon is an informed reader of poetry and poetry in translation, and was therefore able to make outstanding and perfectly fitting suggestions at every turn.


Second, Jon dreams big. Jon exceeded my expectations and was able to get the book notice in The New York Times; and multiple other publications where my work had not been covered previously.


Third, Jon is both realistic and energetic. I felt prepared for what the poetry publicity landscape was, but in the end, I also felt that Jon outdid himself and was able to find ideal homes within that landscape for an unusual book that was twenty years in the making. I was sad to say goodbye at the end of our time working together."

Pallavi Dhawan and Tamika Thompson, editors of Graffiti (2019)

"Hiring Jon was the best decision we could have possibly made to promote our inaugural anthology, Graffiti. Jon was professional, courteous, and dedicated to spreading the word about our project among literary magazines and venues that believed in the premise of our project. He connected us to the organizations and publications that had the most reach among our target audience. Above all, he believed in our work. The impact of Graffiti would not have resonated as far and wide as it did without Jon on board. He was the highlight of our publication experience and working with him was an honor and privilege well worth the cost."

Patrick A. Howell, author of Dispatches from the Vanguard: The Global International African Arts Movement Versus Donald J. Trump (2020)

"When your book comes out, it's a super bloom from Maunder's harvesting. Dispatches from the Vanguard has enjoyed a reprint in no small part to the work ethic and elbow grease of the Maunder' harvesting publicist."

Wendy Liu, author of Abolish Silicon Valley: How to Liberate Technology from Capitalism (2020)

"Jon was wonderful to work with - responsive, proactive, and thorough. He arranged some fantastic publicity events that I never would have thought of on my own, while taking care of all the behind-the-scenes logistics. A terrific publicist to have by your side."

Leila Taylor, author of Darkly: Black History and America's Gothic Soul (2019)

"I am so grateful that I had Jon as my publicist. He was a champion of my work from day one and I don't think the book would have gotten nearly as far as it did as fast as it did without his hard work, his connections, and his savvy. He really came through and got me opportunities and exposure I never dreamed would happen. He was passionate about getting the book out there, but he always had my best interest in mind. As a first time author, I couldn't have asked for a better debut thanks to him."

Nawal El Saadawi, author of Woman At Point Zero (2015), The Hidden Face of Eve (2015) and God Dies By the Nile and Other Novels (2015)

"Jon is an outstanding publicist—for the new editions of my books he arranged an incredible series of interviews and events, as well as reviews in the national media. Through his carefully organized publicity campaign he helped to bring my work to a new generation."

Paul French, author of North Korea (2014), City of Devils (2018), andMidnight in Peking (2011)

"Jon has completely turned around the marketing and publicity of Zed Books and my own Asian Arguments series with his dynamism, experience, and ability to keep right on ensuring the media, reviewers, bookshops, festivals, and readers know about his books and publisher. His combination of good old fashioned marketing skills (banging the phones) and understanding what's new and works (social media, video, etc.) has proved invaluable to many authors since he arrived."

Leland de la Durantaye, author of Hannah Versus the Tree (2018)

"Jon is an amazing publicist and a dream to work with. Hannah Versus the Tree would never have gotten the attention it has received without him. And my book tour would never have been the great success it has been without him. At many stops along the way I have been told by bookstore and radio staff how intelligent, professional and genuinely concerned with the book finding its readership he is. I could not be more grateful to him and could not recommend him more highly."

Wade Shepard, author of Ghost Cities of China (2015)

"Jon is seriously everything an author could ask for in a publicist or communications director. He not only understands the new media and how to leverage it but also cares enough about his authors and the books they write to put them in front of audiences that they could never get in front of on their own. Jon took my first book and got it reviewed by big media sources, as well as by smaller, more fashionable publications. This guy has friends high and low, and he knows how to use them. I can say with assurance that my book would not have gotten to the places it did without Jon's passion, dedication, and very savvy know-how."

Hsiao-Hung Pai, author of Angry White People (2016), Bordered Lives (2018), Scattered Sand (2012) and Chinese Whispers (2008)

"Jon directed publicity work for my book Angry White People. He worked really hard to bring the book to top venues—the events he organized were fantastic. With his brilliant, top-class publicity work, the book reached a much wider audience and received excellent reviews in the national press. Jon is the best publicist I have met and worked with."

Ece Temelkuran, author of Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy (2016), How to Lose a Country (2019), and The Time of Mute Swans (2017)

"Jon is a meticulous and upbeat publicist. Because of his extremely calm attitude you might think that he is not doing anything, but then a day later he comes up with a dozen interviews planned minute by minute. A dedicated professional who makes things happen."

Yasmin Gunaratnam, co-editor, A Jar of Wild Flowers: Essays in Celebration of John Berger (2016)

"Jon is an incredibly energetic and imaginative publicist. He organized a range of lively events, including readings, panel discussions and a film screening at high profile venues for our essay collection A Jar of Wild Flowers: Essays Celebrating John Berger. He understood the tone of the book and the readers we were trying to reach but also supported and encouraged us to participate in new networks. I've never had such support for a book and couldn't recommend Jon more highly."

Grace Blakeley, author of Stolen: How to Save the World from Financialisation (2019)

"Jon is an absolutely brilliant publicist. He was incredibly proactive in setting up events and high profile interviews, and took care of all the logistics and planning from start to finish. Working with Jon put my mind at ease about events and publicity,  meaning I could just focus on the book."

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