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I work with publishers, authors, and literary organizations. 



I believe that what counts as success is unique to every client, so I begin each project with the fresh, honest, and creative approach it deserves.  

It might be that a book needs high-profile national media coverage. Or perhaps it needs buzz within a more local or niche community. It might be about increasing recognition for an author, for example by winning awards and speaking at literary festivals. It could be a unique combination of these things, and more! Whatever success means for you, I will set measurable goals and work to deliver them.

I offer both comprehensive and additional services.


The full-spectrum PR campaign. I will start preferably 9-12 months ahead of publication in order to know the client and project in detail and set the goals for the campaign. Depending on the particular client and project, the PR campaign I create will include media coverage, marketing (including social media) and events, as required.

The PR campaign will begin ideally at least 6 months ahead of publication, continue through the publication month and include 1-2 months post-publication work.


Hire me to add extra reach to a campaign. I can focus on a particular area (i.e. publicity, social media, or events) or offer support in a number of areas. I can also take on campaigns post-publication, either to keep the buzz going or to salvage something if a campaign hasn’t worked out or reached its full potential.

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