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"Jon is a dream publicist...we can't wait to work with him again on another project soon."—Amanda Uhle, Executive Director, McSweeney's

"Hiring Jon was the best decision we could have possibly made…he was the highlight of our publication experience and working with him was an honor and privilege well worth the cost."—Pallavi Dhawan and Tamika Thompson

"An outstanding publicist."—Nawal El Saadawi

"An absolutely brilliant publicist."—Grace Blakeley

"An amazing publicist and a dream to work with."—Leland de la Durantaye 

"Jon took my first book and got it reviewed by big media outlets as well as by smaller, more fashionable publications."—Wade Shepard

"Jon's dynamism, experience, and ability has proved invaluable to many authors."—Paul French

"The best publicist I have met and worked with."—Hsiao-Hung Pai

"An incredibly energetic and imaginative publicist."—Yasmin Gunaratnam

"A dedicated professional who makes things happen."—Ece Temelkuran

"Jon really came through and got me opportunities and exposure I never dreamed would happen."—Leila Taylor